Europäischer Verband der nationalen Fachverbände der Kaltbandhersteller.


... the European Federation of the National Associations of Cold Rolled Narrow Steel Strip Producers.

... est une association européenne regroupant les syndicats nationaux des lamineurs à froid.

Meeting of FVK and CIELFFA

On April 10, 2019, the meeting of the German and European Cold Rolling Association FVK and CIELFFA took place in the steel center in Düsseldor. One of the topics was ‘The Circular Flat Steel Economy’. The participants discussed current aspects such as the EU's future legal requirements for the automotive industry regarding CO2 emissions. They will gain in importance for the entire supply chain in the future. The speaker Mr. Dr. Pillkahn (PROASSORT) illustrated the challenges and key factors for the transition of the metals (processing) industry to a value-added-optimised circular economy. In addition, Mr. RA Regula spoke about the Corporate Code of Conduct and IATF 16949 as well as the resulting requirements for quality management. He pointed out possible consequences resulting from a violation of organisational obligations.

At the meeting Mr. Schönemeyer informed about the first draft of the FMB BREF. The final version of the FMP BREF is expected to be published in 2020.

The working group spokesmen reported on standardisation projects and from the Quality Management and Occupational Health & Safety Working Groups. The Quality Management Working Group will revise the 0-defect brochure. The Health & Safety Working Group reported on the activities in the context of the TRGS 505. FVK-members are now within the scope of this Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances, which specifically concerns protective measures to avoid and minimise the exposure to lead and lead containing materials. These activities are part of the so-called OSHA campaign (Link: ), which aims to raise awareness posed by dangerous substances in the workplace and to promote a culture of risk prevention. The European Cold Rolling Association is official partner of this campaign (  )


BREF working group meeting on 08.01.2019 at C.D. Wälzholz

After the announcement in Bilbao at the last CIELFFA meeting in October that the next Data Workshop of the EIPPC Bureau in Seville will be held at the end of January, it was necessary for the internal BREF to meet before this date. The data evaluations of the questionnaires were the basis of the discussion. A review of the own data is essential as well as possible explanations of the limit values. Possible amendments can then be submitted via Eurofer and also at the Data Workshop of the European IPPC Bureau in Seville on 23/24 January 2019. A first draft of the BREF documents is expected in mid of 2019 at the earliest.


Successful CIELFFA Annual Meeting in Bilbao on 9/10th October 2018 with participation record

Nearly 40 participants attended the CIELFFA Annual Meeting on 9/10. October 2018 in Bilbao in Spain. On the first day the working meeting was held during which Mr. Andrés Barcelo, Director of the Spanish CIELFFA member association UNESID, spoke about the steel market and the current state of trade restrictions. Subsequently Mr. Lorente, Technical Director of the AIC - Automotive Intelligence Center - gave an overview of the Basque automotive industry, the current global trends and the possible strategies of the industry. The participants got a foretaste of the visit of the center the following day. During the tour through the Automotive Intelligence Center the participants received a concrete impression of the projects in the fields of electromobility, autonomous driving, integral safety and connectivity as well as smart and advanced manufacturing.

In addition Mr. Brachhäuser (C.D. Wälzholz), as head of the Standards Working Group, reported on the revision of EN 10132. The working group has revised the technical part of the standard. This revision has now been sent to the relevant DIN Iron and Steel Standards Committee which will finalise the revision of the official draft. Afterwards further coordination will still be necessary between the participating European countries before the final standard is able to be published. 


CIELFFA participates in ESSA project - Project start in 2019

The European Steel Skills Agenda and Strategy (ESSA) project will start with a kick-off meeting in January in Brussels. Over the next four years it will be a matter of identifying future personnel qualifications and competencies in the steel industry. One of the main objectives will be to develop appropriate training strategies to equip employees with such qualifications. The project, which is coordinated by the Technical University of Dortmund, has a budget of almost four million euros. ArcelorMittal, Salzgitter, ThyssenKrupp, Tata Steel as well as associations such as World Steel and the CIELFFA members UNESID (Spain) and Federacciai (Italy) are also involved.


Next CIELFFA Meeting on 9th-10th October 2018 in Bilbao, Spain

On 9th October afternoon the CIELFFA meeting will take place in the Melia Hotel in Bilbao. As expert speaker we were able to win Mr. Andrés Barceló, President of UNESID (Spanish Association of Steel Producers and Manufacturers). He will speak on the Spanish steel market and give an overview and an assessment of the current state of anti-dumping measures. Moreover Mr. Mikel Lorente, Technical Director of ACICAE - Basque Automotive Industry and AIC - Automotive Intelligence Center, confirmed his participation in our meeting. He will give a short lecture with the titel: “Challenges and Opportunities in the Automotive Industry”. On the 10th October in the morning the participants will have the opportunity to visit our member company ARANIA in Bilbao.

We are looking forward to an interesting meeting and fruitful discussions with our members. An invitation will follow shortly. 


22nd June 2018
CIELFFA is official campaign partner of the EU-OSHA ‘Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-2019 – Manage Dangerous Substances’

CIELFFA has been accepted as official partner of the ongoing EU-OSHA health campaign. This is the European Union agency dealing with safety and health at work. The campaign has been successfully implemented for several years in more than 30 countries with more than 100 partners. The current campaign focuses on dealing with hazardous substances in the workplace.

The aim is to work with partner organisations such as CIELFFA to raise awareness of the risks posed by hazardous substances and to promote a culture of risk prevention. We are taking part in the campaign because the issue of 'handling hazardous substances' also plays an important role in our cold rolling mills. Under the umbrella of the ‘Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-2019’ CIELFFA intends together with the FVK to organise seminars or workshops on that topic. Many aspects like the legal framework, risk assessment, possible technological and organisational measures to improve safety at work, new and innovative PPE, and how to include temporary workers in the health and safety requirements of companies could be suitable subjects. Suggestions and ideas from members for possible concrete seminar topics are very welcome.

For more information on the EU-OSHA campaign you can visit the website under:

The CIELFFA profile is published under:


11th April 2018
CIELFFA Meeting together with FVK-Technical Committee Meeting

The next CIELFFA meeting will take place on 11th April 2018 at the Stahlzentrum (Düsseldorf) together with the FVK Technical Committee. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Peters, Managing Director of the Steel Research Institute (BFI) will hold the expert lecture about ‘digitalisation’ in the steel industry. A tour of the Steel Research Institute is also part of the programme.


18/19th May 2017
CIELFFA Meeting 18/19th May 2017 - New working group health & safety resolved

The meeting took place in Milan in the Alfa Romeo Museum. In the Technical Committee the focus was on health & safety with the expert speaker Mr. Sippel, Tata Steel, Hille & Müller. The Committee decided to establish a CIELFFA working group ‘health & safety’. Company representatives who are willing to work on that topic are requested to contact the CIELFFA office. In the Economic Committee Dr. Floro (Federacciai, Italian Steel Association) gave an outlook on the prospective developments of the European Steel market. The meeting was completed by a guided visit of the Alfa Romeo Museum.


January 2017
Next CIELFFA-Meeting: 18/19th May 2017

The next meeting of the members will take place on 18/19th May in Milan/Italy. A main topic with an expert speaker will be ‘health & safety’. Detailed information as well as the invitation will follow.


November 2016
New CIELFFA President and Chairman of Technical Committee

Since the last meeting on 3rd/4th Nov. 2016 CIELFFA has a new executive board. Mr. Enrique Rey-Baltar (Arania, Spain) replaces Dr. Rolf Jansen (Bilstein, Germany) as President. Dr. Jansen has been retiring by the end of 2016 and resigning from his CIELFFA offices. Mr. Martin Kießling (Bilstein) succeeds him as Chairman of the Technical Committee. Chairman of the Economic Committee remains Mr. Rey-Baltar.


June 2016
CIELFFA Accident Statistics 2015

The results of the accident statistics evaluation for the reporting year 2015 are published. They were presented in the Technical Committee meeting in Gijón/Spanien on 9th June 2016 and distributed to the CIELFFA members.


June 2016
Standard DIN EN 10139 published

The standard DIN EN 10139 Cold rolled uncoated low carbon steel narrow strip for cold forming - Technical delivery conditions; German version EN 10139:2016 has been published with release date 2016-06. This document is available under Publications from the respective national standardisation committees in the different European countries will follow.


February 2016
Cold rolling dictionary in Arabian language now!

The dictionary with technical terms of the cold rolling industry was complemented with Arabian translations. The complete dictionary is available here.


January 2016
Revisions' process of BREFs

After being on hold for several years actually the European Commission has been resuming the revisions’ process of the BREFs (Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Documents) for the ‘Ferrous Metals Processing Industry’. The CIELFFA is represented with an own representative in the relevant working groups of EUROFER (European steel association) and of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (EIPPC) Bureau. In this way we ensure that our interests are taken into consideration.


June 2015 
New CIELFFA Accident Statistics

The latest evaluation of the accident statistics is available. The results were presented and discussed in the Technical Committee meeting in Salzgitter and will be sent to all members together with the minutes of the meeting.


Groupe Acilam – New CIELFFA member

As of 2015 the European cold rolling association CIELFFA has a new member. The two French companies Aciers Coste and Etilam merged and form now the Groupe Acilam which enriches CIELFFA in the future.


July 2014 
New CIELFFA accident statistics

The latest evaluation of the accident statistics is available. The evaluation gives information about indicators like accident severity, rate and fequency as well as injured body parts and the "dangerous" activities.
The results of the evaluation of the accident statistics were presented in the Technical Committee in Linz/Austria on 16th June 2014. They were sent to all members in July 2014 together with the meeting minutes.


June 2013 
New CIELFFA accident statistic

The 2012 accident statistics provide comprehensive information about the frequency, severity and rates of accidents occuring in the member companies.
The accident statistics were distributed to the members in June, together with the minutes of the April Technical Committee Meeting in Hagen.


New amplified cold roller dictionary 2013

The existing CIELFFA cold roller dictionary created by the Technical Committee in 2001 has now been amplified by 50 new definitions. The complete version of the dictionary in the languages English, German, French, Spanish and Italian is available here as download in Excel format.


Representative of CIELFFA at EIPPCB for new BREF-Document

CIELFFA will be represented by a member expert in the work sessions on the new Best Available Technique Reference Documents for Ferrous Metals Processing (FMP BREF). The expert shall be the voice of the cold rolling industry in the “Technical Working Group” (TWG) of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau (EIPPCB). Located in Seville/Spain, it is a body of the European Commission and organises among other things an exchange of information between EU Member States and industry on Best Available Techniques. The existing 2001 BREF-Document on Ferrous Metals Processing is under revision. Furthermore, CIELFFA will send the same representative to EUROFER’s Working Group “Cold Rolling” to gather information and analyse expertise for the meetings of the EIPPCB “Technical Working Group”.

The new EU Directive 2010/75 of 24th of November 2010 on Industrial Emissions aiming for prevention or control of industrial pollution requires industrial installations to work with the best available techniques published in so called BREF-Documents. The content of BREF-Documents is drawn up in the “Technical Working Group” consisting of representatives of the European Commission, EU Member States, relevant industries and environmental non-governmental organisations. (Details are laid down in the Implementing Decision of 10th of February 2012.)
In preparation of these work sessions on a high European level CIELFFA has established four internal working groups in the field of “Pickling and Water Process“, “Annealing”, “Temper Rolling” and “Cold Rolling, Finishing, Roll-Shop and Emulsion Systems”. During scheduled meetings the experts will discuss and summarise their knowledge on the subject in order to distribute their expertise to the CIELFFA representative for the aforementioned BREF work sessions.


New CIELFFA accident statistics

The accident statistics covering 2011 gives comprehensive information about accident frequency, accident severity and accident rate occurred in the member companies. The accident statistics is available for members through the CIELFFA office.


Code of Conduct

The recommendation  of a "Code of Conduct" and information about mutual recognition of "Codes of Conduct" are available for members in English and in German.


Brochure: "Zero-defect-strategy in the cold rolling industry"

The brochure describes the possibilities and limitations of defect avoidance and defect detection in the production of cold-rolled steel strip. It was worked out by technical experts of our member companies.
For member companies the brochure is available at the CIELFFA office.


Study of the stability of steel strip coils

The technical development as well as the economical pressure led in the last few years to an increase of the outer diameter of steel strip coils. These new conditions ask for a new reflection on how the stability of coils having a horizontal center line could be ensured taking into account the usual storeroom floors.The rule of a ratio width - outer diameter of 1:4 for the stability of steel strip coils based on former studies has been here reconsidered because of the new storage conditions used in the cold rolling industry. A work group inside the "Technical Commission" of the Fachvereinigung Kaltwalzwerke e.V. (German association of cold rolling mills) was dedicated to the question and conducted the present study together with the chair for structural steel engineering of the university RWTH, Aachen. This study was designed to help the producers as well as the users of cold rolled steel strip in the evaluation of their storage conditions and therefore reduce the potential dangers.

Summary of Study of the stability of steel strip coils as

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