Europäischer Verband der nationalen Fachverbände der Kaltbandhersteller.


... the European Federation of the National Associations of Cold Rolled Narrow Steel Strip Producers.

... est une association européenne regroupant les syndicats nationaux des lamineurs à froid.

15th December 2020

The new EU conflict minerals regulation comes into force on 1st January 2021. For EU importers of conflict minerals (upstream industry) extensive due diligence and inspection obligations along the supply chain are binding. This includes tin, tantalum, tungsten, their ores and gold from conflict and high-risk areas if they exceed a certain imported quantity. For the further processing industry (downstream industry) no binding regulations are provided, i.e. the producers and importers of end products. However, the downstream industry is asked to exercise voluntary due diligence.

We assume that there will be specific inquiries within the supply chain in the future. In order to be prepared for this, we have developed non-binding sample formulations that you can download here as a pdf.

The text passages can be used individually for company-specific replies. It is also possible to use the document as a whole in communication. Of course inquiries must be answered truthfully. The explanations given in the sample formulations must be adapted or changed accordingly. No liability is accepted for correctness and completeness.




Cielffa and FVK have participated in the EU consultation of the European Commission on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) which ended on 28th October 2020. In the framework of the presentation of her Green Deal for Europe, the President of the EU Commission announced a CO2 border adjustment system for selected sectors (like steel, aluminium, cement etc.) in order to reduce the risk of CO2 emissions being shifted. The objective is to ensure that the price of imports to the European Union reflects its carbon content.

The cold rolling mills and the entire steel and metal processing industry have committed themselves to the climate goals of the Paris Agreement and support the EU's climate goals of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our key issues are:

20th October 2020

Today the Cielffa members elected a new President as well as a Chairman of the TeCo. The office of President is now held by Mr. Juan Ramis, Managing Director, Arania (Spain), successor to Mr. Rey-Baltar, who has resigned from the presidency due to his retirement. Mr. Michael Ullrich, CTO, Bilstein Group (Germany) will head the Technical Committee from now on. We are looking forward to our future cooperation!