Definition of Cold Rolled Strip:
Cold Rolled Strip is a flat (rolled) product, which is reduced in cross-section by at least 25 Percent by cold rolling and rolled up in coils. As rolled, the strip has slight cambered edges. It can also be delivered with cut edges. After uncoiling and cutting to length Cold Rolled Strip can also be delivered as “Cold Rolled Strip in Cut Lengths”.
Source: Begriffsbestimmungen für Stahlerzeugnisse, German version EN 10 079: 25 October 1992.

Wide Range of Dimensions:
Thicknesses:    0.05 - 14.00 mm
Widths:    2.00 - 650.00 mm
Coil sizes:    0.25 - 20.00 kg/mm strip width
Bar length:    500 - 6,000 mm

In the family of flat steel products cold rolled strip offers the following, special advantages:
smaller cross-sections or thicknesses up to 0.05 mm,
improvement in surface grade,
bigger strength and
bigger precision in dimension or narrower tolerance.

Structure of the Sector:
The cold rolling industry is an independent sector of the steel processing industry, mainly characterised by medium sized enterprises. The direct business clearly predominates the business with the steel distributing industry.

Consuming Sectors:
Automotive and its subcontracting industries, electrical engineering, iron, steel sheet and metal processing, precision engineering, tubes, cold rolled sections, radio, television, cutlery, appliances, fitness equipment, furniture, coins.
Manufacturing Process:
Pickling, roughing, annealing, skin pass rolling, cutting.
Additional Processing.
Cutting to length or straightening: required, if bars are manufactured;
Cladding or electroplating: if special surface finishes are required.
Information about standards currently under revision:

Information about development of standards:
At present, FVK representatives collaborate with the committees on the development of the following standards:
- prEN 10139 (Cold-rolled uncoated mild steel narrow strip for cold forming – Technical delivery conditions)
- EN 15094 (Safety requirements for cold flat rolling mills)


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